The athletes and film production staff associated with this film are featured here. 

  • Athletes

    The four athletes featured in the film have all volunteered their time to be a part of it. Between them, they perform in three different disciplines, aerials, moguls and ski halfpipe. They all started training and competing on the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team, where Clay Beck was their coach and mentor for many years. Narrator, Shannon Bahrke, has also volunteered her time. She met Clay while in daycare. He later coached her in moguls when she was a young athlete on the Squaw Valley Freestyle Team. She even invited him to be her personal coach at her 2nd Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Like the other athletes, Shannon calls Clay a mentor and friend and has taken on this role herself.


  • Production Staff

    sherri tnAll principals on the production team have pooled their considerable talents and resources, freely, to make this film a reality. While their stated jobs suggest exclusivity, in truth, there is a great deal of overlap of roles, with the common denominators being their creativity and desire to tell an important story. The story is heartfelt by everyone involved and speaks to everything that is positive about the human spirit. We hope you enjoy it.