Sherri Willson Oakley

Executive Producer/Scriptwriter – Sherri has been a cheerleader her whole life, even at UCLA where she graduated just as freestyle skiing was coming into its own as a sport.

Back in the ‘80’s, Sherri worked alongside her husband, Brent, whose Hollywood production company produced special effects for films, as well as producing commercials and international exhibitions. Some of her clients include Universal, Disney and Apple.

After their children, Will and K.C., came along, she became a full-time mother until they went off to school, after which she worked as a residential real estate agent for many years.

When K.C. started traveling with the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team, Sherri often accompanied the team as the “house mom,” something of a cross-mix of chaperone/chauffeur/cook/caterer/maid. Her wonderful nephew and head coach, Clay, was always extremely grateful for her support. A fair weather skier, Sherri was often forced to travel to and from competitions white-knuckling it behind the wheel on slick, icy roads and spent countless hours freezing at the bottom of the course either cheering on her daughter or helping with the scoring. Sometimes it was sweating profusely as she watched the kids train at the Utah Olympic Park water ramps. It was always with a big smile on her face, though, because that’s what moms do, especially those with a cheerleading background.

Nevertheless, important memories were made (99% of them good), and Sherri picked up a lot about the sport of freestyle along the way and got to meet some wonderful young athletes and their parents in the process, so this is her story as well, which is why she could write the script.